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8 Essential Tips For Taking Online Exams

With summers on the way, the beach waves aren’t the only thing approach you – so are your exams! For students around the world, this period holds bittersweet memories because they have to make the most of the beautiful summer weather while also dealing with their exams. Giving exams is not just about cramming everything you can the night before and writing it down in your exam. There is much more that goes into exam preparations – that is if you want good grades for yourself. If you have to appear for online exams, you will need to try out different preparation methods.

Whether you are dealing with the fear of exams, or have to keep up with the tough competition in your school, you have to use the right strategies. Our exam coaches at Top Exam Grades have combined the best online exam tips for your use. So without further ado, let us see what you need to do to ace your online exams!

Create A Study Environment:

Whether you are preparing for your exams or appearing for them, you need proper study space. This space should have ample lighting and ventilation and should be completely free from distraction. When it comes to distractions, everything from your devices to excessive furniture counts.

So remove every unnecessary item from this space and make sure you keep all your study material there. Moreover, you need to set up a comfortable chair and flat desk there to make sure you don’t have trouble sitting while you are studying or giving you Take My Exam. Finally, if you are using a shared space, keep your headphones near to keep yourself from getting distracted.

Set Boundaries:

When it comes to using shared spaces, you can’t forget to set boundaries with those people. Whether you are living with your family, friends, or just roommates, you need to request them to keep it down. This is important because distractions from people have ruined exams for many people.

During your online exam, you will have only a limited time to attempt your paper and if you get distracted during your exam, you will end up wasting your precious time. Wouldn’t you rather be writing your answers and checking them during this time than telling people to keep them down? So make sure to avoid these disasters by telling people in advance about your exam timings and requesting them not to make noise.

Attempt A Mock Exam:

Online exam conditions are new to a lot of students and this lack of experience can create many problems. For example, you might realize that your typing speed is not fast enough to complete your paper, or you are struggling in any other area. Either way, you don’t want to face a completely new situation while giving your online exam.

The best way to get yourself familiar with the online exam conditions is to give an online exam mock test. This is different from a normal mock test because it is conducted online. So look for an online mock exam on the internet to prepare yourself beforehand. Once you find an online mock test, create a realistic exam situation by setting a timer and taking other similar measures to attempt your exam.

Check The Software

Online exams require you to have good technical skills to attempt your test.  If you face a technical issue, you might not only lose your precious time and marks, you might even fail the exam. This is because most schools don’t take the responsibility to formally train their students to attempt online exams.

You will want to check the software right on the day before your exam to make sure everything is working perfectly fine before your exam. This includes checking the speed of your internet, checking your devices, trying the exam application, and logging in to your credentials on the exam portal. Plus, remember to check your webcam as well if your school requires you to keep your live video on.

Read The Instructions

Ike any other exam, you will need to follow certain rules while giving your online exam. In fact, online exams require you to follow the rules more strictly because you won’t have any invigilator to guide you in reality. Online exam proctors are rather strict because of the higher risks of cheating in online exams.

You will always get an instruction guide that will tell you what you can and cannot do during an online exam. Do not skip going through this or else you might end up making a mistake that can get you disqualified from the exam. Plus, you need to be aware of the exam pattern and ask your teacher individually if it’s not given in the manual.

Practice Self-Care

Taking care of yourself is one of the most important. Yet neglected things in online exams. Most students feel their marks depend on how well they learn everything before their exam and avoid sleeping the night before. However, neglecting yourself means you are bringing down your performance.

So remember to get enough sleep the night before to make sure you can focus during your exam. Moreover, avoid wearing uncomfortable clothes or skipping your meal before the exam. Plus, you will want to take care of your hydration and avoid things, You are not supposed to wear such as watches or hoodies.

Take Breaks

This is one of the most important things to insiders during the exam season. The kind of breaks you take or do not take can make or break your progress. Breaks are really important while you are preparing or giving multiple exams back to back because they are supposed to refresh your mind.

So now that we have established how important it is for you to take breaks, let’s see how you should take them. Your breaks need to be short yet consistent to make sure your mind gets to recharge. Taking long breaks can drift your focus from the important task to what you were indulging in during your break.

Manage Your Time

This is one of the biggest challenges that online students have to face whether they are doing their assignments and projects or appearing for exams. You won’t have any teacher at your place reminding you when your exam is due or to wind up your exam in the last 10 minutes.

So practice time management by setting a proper study schedule for yourself to prepare well for your online exam. You will want to leave space in between for breaks for other important activities. Moreover, note the time of the exam to make sure you divide the amount of time you spend on each question appropriately.


Online exams started because of the 2020 lockdown and are here to stay because of all the convenience they offer for teachers and students. If you also have an online exam due, you don’t have to worry about it. Top Exam Grades has you covered because we offer not only the best guidance for online exams but also online exam experts for help. So wave your worries goodbye and start following these online exam tips to ace your tests and get the grades you want.

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