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Remote proctoring – Ultimate Solution for Secure Online Exam

The event of covid-19 forced us to work and learn remotely. Why not, because we had no other safer option. Online learning let us study without making any physical contact with anyone or outside objects. There is no doubt that online learning was alien to most of us, but now nearly the whole world is [...]

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8 Essential Tips For Taking Online Exams

With summers on the way, the beach waves aren’t the only thing approach you – so are your exams! For students around the world, this period holds bittersweet memories because they have to make the most of the beautiful summer weather while also dealing with their exams. Giving exams is not just about cramming everything [...]

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7 Smart Final Exam Tips To Help You Get The Top Grades You Deserve.

Hey, students! We hope you are doing well! Your presence here makes it evident that your final exams are approaching soon. Tell us how are you preparing for them. Are you done planning your schedule? We have come across many students who want to study hard and they even have the potential but some strategies [...]

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