Remote proctoring – Ultimate Solution for Secure Online Exam

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Remote proctoring – Ultimate Solution for Secure Online Exam

The event of covid-19 forced us to work and learn remotely. Why not, because we had no other safer option. Online learning let us study without making any physical contact with anyone or outside objects. There is no doubt that online learning was alien to most of us, but now nearly the whole world is aware of it. Even most students choose remote learning over the standard classroom. Plus, most schools these days offer online degree programs, as the world is becoming more digitalized.

Everything is nearly fine with online learning, yet with it comes to exams, the trouble begins. Most teachers and parents complain that students can easily cheat in online exams, which is true. Many students passed their semesters by cheating in the final online exams. Later, the academic experts brought the ultimate solution to tackle this problem, remote proctoring an online exam. If you want to know more about why remote proctoring is secure and an ultimate solution, read more.

Remote Proctoring: The Ultimate Solution for Online Exam

Online exams are cost-efficient because it does not need schools’ and students’ resources. However, it does not mean it is the perfect manner to take exams. It has various flaws, and one of the biggest is the lack of invigilation, which enables students to cheat through an exam. Of course, it is simply impossible for a human proctor to monitor hundreds of students at a time, even a dozen proctors cannot perform this task efficiently. Due to this, students took maximum benefit from it and cheated in their semester finals in the early covid-19 time.

Fortunately, when the issue was amplified about cheating in online exams, academic experts chose to take strong action. They brought the concept of remote proctoring online exams. In this assessment way, not only a proctor but AI software monitors students. If a student makes any improper movement, the software warns the proctor. This way, the proctor can further check the suspected student.

Besides, proctored exams offer many other benefits and make things easier for the proctor. It makes cheating in online exams a difficult task for students. If you want to know how it is the ultimate solution to do my exam and offers a secure exam setting, read the below factors.

Browser Integration Apps in Proctored Exams     

Many schools use browser integration apps to monitor students’ browsing activity. In the old online exam method, students had the flexibility to cheat by opening another tab and searching the answers on Google. Even more, most students had the frequent answers ready in their notepad and just copy-paste them into the browser. Luckily, the new browser integrations apps track everything a student does, from opening a new tab to minimizing their browser. For example, when a student tends to open another tab but the one conducting an exam warns the proctor disqualifies the student.

Besides, browser integration apps are suitable, as students do not have to install them into their systems. They work as temporary add-ons in browsers, which you can easily remove after taking your online exam.

Remote Proctoring with Mobile Apps       

There is no doubt that not all students have laptops or smartphones. Therefore, how would they attend their online exams? Well, smartphones these days are no lesser than computers. Most people, especially students have smartphones these days. Also, recent academic research showed that most students take online exams on phone. That is why most schools hire mobile app creators to make them highly secured proctored apps.

Besides, there are also some universal apps available for remotely proctored exams, which every school can use. Even if you search on Google, you will find Proctor Exam, Proctor360, etc., on the top of the search results. These apps are the ultimate solution for secure online exams.

Also, remote proctoring mobile apps have many excellent traits to let proctors take action against fishy students. For example, a proctor can initiate a live chat with a suspect. They can also kill the exam session of a suspected student if they find evidence of cheating. Such a student will have to reenroll in the exam and take it again. Along with these features, the proctor also has the option to observe the setting. It happens when someone is hidden and giving info to the student somehow.

Webcam Enabled Remote Proctored Exam

It is the most common way of the remote proctored exam, in which a proctor monitors students while taking their exams. Also, this new security measure allows students to take their exams in a secure habitat with webcam-enabled remote proctoring. Besides, remotely proctored exams are a way to administer an exam without the need for a proctor. Instead, the webcam is used as the proctor and is typically put in front of the computer monitor that is for the exam. This method of remotely proctored exams does not need any additional hardware or software but does need internet access and a webcam.

However, today’s remote proctored exam does not only use a webcam but movement detectors, browser activity tracker, and audio recognition. All these things with a webcam observing make an ultimate solution for secure online exams and ease the proctor’s task. Although, most schools these days use each and every type of remote proctored tool to prevent cheating.

AI-Based Proctoring 

Have you ever heard of the AI-based proctoring remote exam method? If not, then know that it is the next-gen proctoring method in which the AI program records the video and audio of students in real-time. While recording, AI-based system software tracks students’ movements and warns the proctor of any needless actions.

Moreover, the AI software does not record video and audio only but also recognizes students to verify the candidate. This way, someone else cannot take your online exam for you, which makes it hard for students to cheat. Thus, even if there is no proctor presented during the online exam, students cannot still cheat in an AI-based remote proctoring system. So, it is highly mountable and effective. Many schools use AI-based remote proctoring software because of their effectiveness and low rate of cheating among students.

In simple words, if you mix webcam, audio, invigilation by a human proctor, and browser app tracking integration, still AI-based proctoring software would win. It is highly efficient, and most well-known academic schools and colleges use AI online proctoring solutions. Possibly, in the upcoming years, we will only see this exam way in the education sector.


I hope you understand how and why remote proctoring is the ultimate solution for secure online exams. There was a time when students cheated in their online exams. However, as technology moves forward, we have different tools and methods to take online exams securely. Today, we have audio, video, movement, browser activity, facial recognition, and AI-based tracking. There is no chance for a student to cheat in their exams if all these things are working.

Thus, I suggest preparing for exams properly when you have to take them on remote proctoring. You cannot cheat there because of high-end software and monitoring. So instead of reenrolling due to disqualification, be ready for it and do not hope for cheating. Only this way, you can thrive in any case in a remote proctored online exam.

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